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Charter School Popularity Soars This School Year

Charter School Capital

January 28, 2013


NACPS Dashboard - Public Charter School Stats

Right now, more students in the United States are attending public charter schools than ever before. According to the latest data from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, the current 2012-13 school year has seen 6,000 schools in operation, educating more than 2.3 million students—a new record.
And the phenomenal numbers don’t end there:

  • Charter school enrollment increased by 275,000 students this year compared to last—the largest increase in the movement’s 20-year history.
  • The last five years have seen exponential growth, with the addition of 1 million students alone.
  • The number of charter schools has grown to comprise 5% of public schools in the United States.

Certainly, these figures affirm public demand for charters. And coupled with two decades of steady momentum, they reinforce charter schools’ staying power.
Charter School Capital recognizes the demand and is supporting charter schools across the country with needed charter school funding.
Read more at the NAPCS website.

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