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Charter School Legislation: California Bills Dead for the Year

Branché Jones

May 31, 2019



California Charter School LegislationCharter School Legislation: California Bills Dead for the Year

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Here’s a quick update on the latest in California charter school legislation:
On Thursday the legislature wrapped up its house of origin deadline. The house of origin deadline is the deadline for the State Assembly to pass all Assembly bills to the State Senate and the State Senate to pass all Senate bills to the State Assembly. Bills that do not pass become two-year bills since this is the first year of the 2019 – 2020 legislative session. These bills are essentially dead for the year but will have one month, next January, to be passed onto the other house.
AB 1506 (charter school cap) and SB 756 (charter school moratorium) both failed to pass their respective houses meaning they are dead for the year. This is a huge relief to the charter school movement as both bills represented a threat that had not been seen before. A number of lobbyists and advocacy groups worked in a coalition to kill both bills and their work prevented either of the authors from getting a majority vote in their houses. Actually, neither bill even came up for a vote. The authors did not attempt to move them because they knew that they were short on their vote count.
So Thursday was a good day for California charter schools!

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