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Charter School Capital Growth Strategies Webinar For FCPCS

Charter School Capital

August 5, 2014


charter school financingIf there’s one thing we know at Charter School Capital, it’s charter school growth strategies.
We’ve supported charter school expansionsstrategized about new locations, and created charter school funding opportunities. Not only has our team been able to support high-quality and accessible education for every student, but each school has given us incredible insight into what works, and what doesn’t.
In fact, charter school growth is one of our favorite topics to discuss with charter schools and leaders. That’s why we were excited when asked to participate in a webinar for the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS).
We’ve been providing working and growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools in Florida for nearly two years, and the demand from charter schools continues to grow. There’s currently 623 public charter schools operating in Florida with a student population of 229,233 currently enrolled in public charter schools. Click here to learn more about charter schools in Florida.
FCPCS is one of the oldest and largest charter school associations in the country. It has over 400 charter school members, and provides advocacy, support, resources, and networking opportunities to new and existing charter schools, parents and students.
Here’s the blurb from FCPCS’ website promoting the webinar: Charter School Capital will present recommendations and information on building a growth strategy for your charter school. Stuart Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Charter School Capital will explain best practices and common obstacles for charter schools during the start-up, growth and sustainability phases.
This event is only open to members of FCPCS, but we will recap the main charter school growth strategies on our blog, and you can find past presentations on similar topics on our SlideShare. Click here to download past presentations.
If you have questions about how Charter School Capital can help your school grow, or alleviate some growing pains, we’d love to hear from you.

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