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Charter School Financing: Your Guide to Budgeting Best Practices

Charter School Capital

October 8, 2018


Charter School Financing: Your Guide to Budgeting Best Practices

charter school financingThe Charter School Leader’s Definitive Guide to Budgeting Best Practices

Over the past decade, we’ve reviewed thousands of charter school budgets and helped guide countless schools through their charter school financing processes.
Year after year, we see many charter schools make the same mistakes when budgeting for the academic year. We put together this guide to share best practices and call out common pitfalls to avoid. (This guide won’t teach you how to put a budget together—you’ll need to call on your finance team for that.)
Whether your school is growing student enrollment, expanding facilities, or implementing new educational programs, your annual budget should serve as an essential tool to help you achieve your goals as quickly—and as realistically—as possible.
In this guide, we discuss budgeting strategies for the various stages of charter school development including:ƒ

  • Planning for long-term financial health
  • Implementing best practices for achieving buy-in and setting
    internal controls
  • ƒƒUnderstanding key financial metrics to watch
  • ƒƒUtilizing tips on cashflow planning and more

At Charter School Capital, we believe in the power of charter schools and their leaders to deliver quality education and foster success in their students. Over more than a decade, we’ve invested over $1.6 billion in more than 600 charter schools to help them grow, finance facility projects, and achieve operational stability. We view ourselves as a resource and partner of charter schools and a strong advocate of the charter school movement as a whole.
This manual is intended for charter school leaders who want to be more strategic about charter school financing and budgeting and avoid short-term mistakes that can lead to unintended long-term consequences. This manual is only for informational and planning purposes. If you’re seeking financial advice or support, please seek out the guidance of a qualified professional organization such as Charter School Capital.
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