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Charter School Capital Helps Minnesota Charter School Bridge the Gap

Charter School Capital

September 10, 2018


minnesota charter schoolCharter School Capital Helps Minnesota Charter School Bridge the Gap

Paladin Career and Technical High School believes in the innate strength of young people and their ability to overcome adversity with the right support. Paladin offers an individualized instructional model for each student that incorporates work-based learning, seminars, project-based learning and experiential learning to meet the needs of each individual student. Their mission is to help students realize their own potential and provide an environment for them to thrive.  Learn how Charter School Capital helped this Minnesota Charter school bridge a major financing gap so they could continue their important work.


“Paladin is a charter school located in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. It services at-risk individuals 16 to 21 years old. They’re at risk because they’ve had a hard life. Right now, we have 150 students in our school and on any given night, 20 percent of them – by definition – are homeless. We seek to find them safety. We seek to educate them, and we seek to educate them in different areas. We pay our staff well, but we run it as a business. We don’t have waste. We don’t have excess. This year the state held back 40 percent of our money, whether that’s for your rent or your student population, whatever it is, you’re out of money and you had to do something to bridge the gap.”

Charter School Capital, they understood what we were doing. They have educators on staff they understand the process, understand what running the school means.

It was like, wow, where have you been?
If you come to the graduation ceremony, I guarantee it, we make graduate 20 students, there’ll be 300 people there—mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles will come up to me and say, John is the first one to graduate from high school in our family. We can’t thank you for what you’ve done for our family. That’s our goal. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, but I think Charter School Capital’s got unbelievable integrity. Their commitment to the industry of charter schools is unsurpassed. I don’t know anybody else out there doing that, and that’s very, very important. They’re committed to the cause that I believe in.”
~Frank Stucki, Chairman of the Board, Paladin Career & Technical High School  

The Charter School Capital team works with you to determine funding and facilities options based on your school’s needs. If you are trying to meet operational expenses, expand, acquire or renovate your school building, add an athletic department, buy new technology, or just bridge a funding gap, simply complete the online application below and we’ll contact you to set up a meeting.

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