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Charter School Capital Funding Helps T-Squared Honors Academy Overcome Challenges

Charter School Capital

November 19, 2018


charter school fundingCharter School Capital Funding Helps T-Squared Honors Academy Overcome Challenges

About T-Squared Honors Academy

T-Squared Honors AcademyEstablished in 2014, T-Squared Honors Academy is currently enrolling students in grades seven through twelve. The school focuses on four key pillars: intelligence; broad sympathy; knowledge of the world that was and is; and the relation of men to the world. Their mission is to utilize a rigorous, innovative academic curriculum to infuse a passion for people, intrinsic motivation, and self-discipline in their students. They aspire for each of their students to be challenged, develop strong character values, and to serve publicly and lead the world in social reforms.

The Challenges

  • In Ohio in 2014, there was a period where charter school fund distribution was being delayed­, creating a challenging situation for charter
    schools to operate effectively
  • As the state funding payments came through, both the timing and funding amounts were irregular and unpredictable
  • Without consistent and stable funding, T-Squared lacked the ability to provide job security for their staff, would have been forced to make operational reductions, and their future was uncertain

The Solution

  • Charter School Capital purchased Ohio state aid payments owed to T-Squared Honors Academy and then provided consistent funding to the school in advance of the state payment distribution dates
  • Charter School Capital supplied the working capital needed for T-Squared to be able to make payroll for their staff and purchase necessary academic materials like laptops and new books
  • Charter School Capital’s online Client Portal has made the documentation process much faster, easier, and more transparent for school leadershipWe’re so grateful to Charter School Capital.

Whenever we have questions or are confused about something, our account manager, Michelle, is very patient in explaining things to us. Anytime I need her, she is available or will call us right back. She’s made the process so easy and understandable.
Dr. India Ford, Superintendent,
T-Squared Honors Academy

The Result

T-Squared Honors AcademyThe funding provided by Charter School Capital provided T-Squared Honors Academy the financial predictability they needed for operational stability. It is currently the top-performing charter school in the area and they’re setting their sites on becoming one of the best charter schools in Ohio—and then the nation. Since 2014, they’ve more than doubled their enrollment, exceeded academically, and are now nearing their goal of financial stability and independence. The next milestone for them will be to move into their very own high school building. With their leaders’ dedication and commitment, we know it will happen.

Charter School Capital logoAt Charter School Capital, our team works with you to determine working capital funding and facilities options based on your school’s needs. If you are trying to meet operational expenses, expand, acquire or renovate your school building, add an athletic department, enhance school safety/security, or buy new technology, complete the online application below and we’ll contact you to set up a meeting.



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