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Charter School Capital Funding Allows School Leaders to Stay Focused on Their Students

Charter School Capital

October 15, 2018



charter school fundingCharter School Capital Funding Allows School Leaders to Stay Focused on Their Students

With so many choices for where go to access financial resources for your school, it’s important to select the right one for you. We believe in the power of charter schools and their leaders to deliver quality education to families across the country. And we’re proud to provide the reliability and stability charter leaders require as they walk their journey to better educate more students today—and in the future.

Please listen as Ricardo Mireles, Executive Director, Academia Avance shares his experience working with Charter School Capital.
This video was originally published Jul 17, 2014. We are proud of our continued partnership with Academia Avance. We are honored to support them in continuing their mission of setting a standard for public charter school excellence and inspiring a lifetime of learning and leading.

Charter School Capital Funding Helps Academia Avance Sustain Thier Growth

Academia Avance is a charter public school in the northeast community of Highland Park in Los Angeles. We serve grades six through 12. We are on track to having 500 students for this upcoming fall charter funding.

[The way that we can access] charter funding makes it very difficult for schools that increase their enrollment [because] you don’t see those funds until the spring. But the relationship that we had built with Charter School Capital allowed us to say, look, this month I need this much money.
Another challenge that charter schools have, is the need (in any kind of financial transaction) to provide some kind of collateral. And so, for new schools, small schools, they don’t own a building. They don’t have assets that they can pledge just for collateral. It’s just very difficult.

I’m really appreciative of how Charter School Capital was able to understand what our need was. We looked at this as a very different way of getting funding based on the one collateral that we do have – and that’s our students.

Charter School Capital has allowed us to work with a product that is flexible in terms of the amount, in terms of the timing. In all the conversations I’ve had with the leaders of Charter School Capital and their entire staff, they always understand what we’re trying to do with our students and how they’re joining us in making it work for our students.
We’ve been working with Charter School Capital now for four years and throughout, they’ve been flexible, and they’ve been very professional, and they’ve allowed us to stay focused on our students.

Starting the relationship with Charter School Capital is different from what we have experienced with other financial institutions in that they are very focused on the viability of the school going forward relative to the charter.

Without Charter School Capital, Academia Avance wouldn’t exist.

Learn more about Charter School Capital Funding

Our team works with you to determine funding and facilities options based on your school’s needs. If you are trying to meet operational expenses, expand, acquire or renovate your school building, add an athletic department, enhance school safety/security, or buy new technology, complete the online application below and we’ll contact you to set up a meeting.

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