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Charter School Capital Client Portal Update

Charter School Capital

July 29, 2019


Charter School Capital Client Portal Update

At Charter School Capital, we strive to continuously improve our services and support of charter schools. One reflection of that ethos, was the initial release of the Charter School Capital Client Portal to a select few funding project clients in the summer of 2018. We immediately heard feedback from our school administrators and leaders, that tracking funding projects in the Client Portal provided more transparency and made processing simpler.

Charter School Capital Client Portal
First release of the Charter School Capital Client Portal, summer 2018

While we were happy to see a positive reception, we were also very keen to hear from Client Portal users what they felt was missing or was simply not working.

After reviewing survey responses and sitting down with some school officials for walk-throughs of their experiences, we had a clear path on how to move forward with upgrading the Client Portal to even better support our schools.

The following were the key areas for improvement we heard regarding their experience:

  • Fewer clicks to navigate through each Item
  • More obvious and easy to read instructions
  • The ability to work on multiple projects at once
  • Visibility around closing statements
  • The ability to preview uploaded files

After a few months of hard work across multiple teams, Charter School Capital is pleased to announce our second iteration of the Client Portal this summer. We took all the feedback and are proud to have now delivered a streamlined and modern user interface that allows for simple execution of mass actions across multiple opportunities, consolidated automated notifications for all users, access to closing statements, and best of all, fewer clicks!

Charter School Capital Client Portal
First release of the Charter School Capital Client Portal, Summer 2018

By utilizing more of the page, introducing pop-ups, changing our color palette, and eliminating unused features, we have been able to help our schools and back-office providers (big and small) process funding projects  quickly and with ease.

Charter School Capital Client Portal
‘View by Item’ display of taking mass action across multiple funding projects (Summer 2019)

During a demo of the new release, when asked “What do you think of the changes?”, one of our original pilot users who’s been supportive of the Client Portal, yet vocal about what they’d love to see changed, commented, “I’ve got nothing…you’ve built everything I asked for and more.”

This isn’t the end of the line for our tech team though; the next phase of the Client Portal (currently scheduled for 2020) involves adding even more solution offerings (e.g., facilities or energy projects, etc.) and expanding the archive of closing documents to reduce emails to schools.

We are grateful to all the back-office providers and school administrators who took time out of their busy schedules to offer insight into their Client Portal experience, helping make it a better, more seamless experience for everyone.

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