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Charter School Bills Introduced in the California Legislature

Branché Jones

February 23, 2018


California Charter School Funding

Charter School Bills Introduced in the California Legislature

Last Friday was the bill introduction deadline for the California legislature.  At the close of business, thousands of bills were ‘placed across the desk.’  Now that the deadline has passed the legislature will begin holding policy hearings on each proposal.  After the introduction, the bills can still be amended at several points in the process and several bills were introduced as ‘spot bills.’  Spot bills are bills that have been introduced stating that they will change a section of law but are not fully amended yet.

Below are bills that we identified which could impact charter schools in California:

  • AB 1743 by Assemblyman Chu would require all public school students to complete a course in college and career preparedness in order to receive a high school diploma.
  • AB 1871 by Assemblyman Bonta would require a charter school to provide each needy pupil with one nutritional free or reduced-price meal.
  • AB 2011 by Assemblyman Kiley would exempt non-classroom based charter schools from geographical restrictions for state-mandated purposes.
  • AB 2082 by Assemblywoman Garcia would prohibit Teach for America teachers from being assigned to any California public school that has at least 40% of its pupils coming from low-income families as defined by the federal Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965.
  • AB 2289 by Assemblywoman Weber would include as an excused absence, 4 absences per school year to care for a sick child, which a doctor’s note is not required for.  The bill would also allow a parenting pupil who expects to give birth up to 6 weeks of parental leave or 8 weeks of parental leave for a caesarian section birth or birth with complications and allow a parenting pupil not giving birth up to 4 weeks of parental leave after birth.
  • AB 2291 by Assemblyman Chiu would require schools and charter schools to annually provide an online bullying training module, developed by the Department of Education, to certificated school-site employees.
  • AB 2601 by Assemblywoman Webber would mandate that charter school students in grades 7 -12 receive comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education.
  • AB 2891 by Assemblyman Holden would authorize the governing body of a charter school to enter into a College Career Access partnership with an agreement with the governing board of a community college district.
  • AB 3058 by Assemblyman O’Donnell would require a charter school to notify the county superintendent of schools of their location, in that county, 60 days prior to commencing operations.
  • AB 3167 by Assemblyman O’Donnell would require a charter school to reply to inquiries from the Superintendent of Public Instruction within 30 days of the request.
  • Additionally, AB 2488 by Assemblyman O’Donnell is a school bond measure which includes funds for charter schools and traditional schools and SB 1216 by Senator Glazer is a charter school spot bill that has yet to be amended.

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