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CHAMPS Charter High School Turns to the Arts to Educate More Students

Charter School Capital

January 27, 2014


Charter High School of the Arts – Multimedia and Performing (CHAMPS) in Van Nuys, California has a diverse culture and unique educational focus. However, CHAMPS faced financial pressures as a result of California deferrals. Although grants and philanthropic funds helped somewhat, the school struggled with the same funding uncertainties impacting the operations of many charter schools. Charter School Capital stepped in to provide operational, working capital charter school funding to keep CHAMPS’s doors open.
“Charter School Capital kept the school afloat at a very bad time. It was instrumental in keeping us going,” says Joanne Saliba, director of CHAMPS.
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Saliba first joined the charter school’s Board of Directors and her involvement led to taking on the Director position at CHAMPS. She had to quickly learn how charter schools receive funds from the state, how state legislation was impacting the school, and how Charter School Capital could help her through the process. She found herself contacting the Charter School Capital team often for information to help her in her new role.
“I think the Charter School Capital team is terrific. They are amazingly responsive and so helpful,” says Saliba. “Every person I’ve dealt with has just been great. There hasn’t been one time that I haven’t heard back immediately or gotten a very supportive response.”
CHAMPS is now experiencing great success. The school currently boasts an enrollment of 952 students in grades 9-12 and focuses on performing, multimedia, digital arts, film, dance, music, drama, and other programs. More than 13 languages are spoken in the halls and graduation success rates are exceptionally high. The school’s administration knows that this is due to the dedication of its students, staff and the combined interest in furthering the arts rather than cutting arts programs. This success is in part due to the partnership with Charter School Capital.
“In the day-to-day operation there is no question that Charter School Capital’s support is vitally important for our cash flow. Whenever there is a glitch or I find something I need, I feel very confident that we’re working together and that is a really good feeling,” explains Saliba.
CHAMPS and Charter School Capital will continue to work together to identify ways to meet the charter school’s funding needs. Ultimately this allows Saliba and the rest of her team to continue serving students, educating in their unique way as they prepare students for a lifetime of success.

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