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Celebrate National Charter Schools Week

Charter School Capital

May 7, 2013


Academia_Moderna_100_lowThis week America honors charter schools and the tremendous contributions they make to the education landscape.  “Delivering on the Dream” is the theme of the 2013 National Charter Schools Week, with events large and small being held across the nation May 5 – 12.
Approximately 5% of all of the nation’s schools are charters, serving over 2.3 million students.  The movement has seen rapid growth, and states from California to Florida are embracing charters as an integral part of a modern education system.
In a May 3 statement, President Obama recognized charters as learning environments that “give educators the chance to try new models and methods that can encourage excellence in the classroom and prepare more of our children for college and careers… We should share what they learn with other public schools and replicate those that produce dramatic results.”
Charter School Capital is happy to take part in this celebration of charters this week alongside its partner schools. We commend parents, teachers and school administrators for the many accomplishments the movement has made on behalf of students, and declare continued support for the road ahead.
Supporters and advocates should use the opportunity of National Charter Schools Week to contact their local or state charter association to learn about upcoming public events or rallies happening in their state.  Individuals are also encouraged to contact their state legislators to declare their support for charters.
“I commend our nation’s charter schools, teachers and administrators, and I call on states and communities to support charter schools and the students they serve,” stated the President.  At Charter School Capital, we couldn’t agree more.
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