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Can Middle School be Great? – Ivy Academia

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July 28, 2021

Can Middle School Be Great Ivy Academia

At Ivy Academia, middle school isn’t any less engaging or involved, earnest or big thinking. At Ivy Academia, middle school can be great!

Sandwiched between the earnestness of elementary school and the big thinking of high school — is middle school. Sometimes this age can be challenging — socially, academically, hormonally, even hygienically. Biology has guaranteed that! At Ivy Academia, middle school isn’t any less engaging or involved, earnest or big thinking. At Ivy Academia, middle school can be great!
Ivy Academia is small and nimble. We adapt — and fast. Our middle school families, staff and students are a small and stable community who work together as a cohesive family. Our middle school students are never lost in the shuffle and we adjust and engage quickly to meet every student’s needs.

School counselors are more vital than ever. At Ivy, we have a counseling department of three which is significant in a TK-12 school of 600 kids. Our lead, Counselor Lillian Galvez, and her team, are working hard to support our middle school students’ mental health, social and emotional well-being. Our counselors help Ivy’s sixth to eighth graders navigate the many larger complexities of this pandemic and their everyday lives — especially as they align with academic success and social-emotional well-being.

Ivy Academia Middle School

During last spring’s move to Distance Learning, our counseling team reached out to every Ivy Academia middle school family to see how the kids and families were doing. Our counselors provided resources for housing, job loss, meals, community resources, and anything our Ivy families needed at that time to help the students. A foundation of trust and community was established and built on and today our counselors meet online 1:1 with middle school students regularly. They also host small group meetings and online support clubs in order to keep middle school communication skills and interpersonal development front and center.

Ivy Academia middle school academically prepares students for the 21st century. Through our innovative curriculum and exceptional electives, our students become confident well-rounded leaders. Our middle school curriculum accelerates the lenses of cultural and career-college learning — and then propels our Ivy scholars into high school ready for the rigor and variety at their fingertips and feet.

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Our smaller school creates space for individualized attention. Since the pandemic’s disruption, we have learned how to make our middle school’s online learning even more robust. And as a public charter school, our commitment to high productivity and academic excellence in middle school includes a full day of learning, even when online.

Our 6th- to-8th-grade teaching staff shines professionally and brings pride to our organization. Our Ivy middle school teachers can personalize instruction online to meet the needs and learning styles of each student — ensuring each student has a positive learning experience. Our highly qualified and well-trained teachers collaborate as middle school grade level teams to meet student needs in standards-based academics, high school rigor readiness, and much-needed life and cultural skills. These skills include problem-solving, innovation, creativity, and global literacy.

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Ivy University for students in grades 6 – 8 provides students an opportunity to learn about resume writing and interview skills, business law, public speaking, leadership, management and customer service. When on-ground, our middle schoolers can take part in various clubs and sports.

Our goal for each sixth to eighth-grader is to create a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that is rich in academic depth, complexity and variety. We are very fortunate to be able to expand instructional time for students who need extra help while also offering enrichment classes to meet every middle schooler’s needs.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced workforce and society, our innovative and demanding middle school academic setting is extra valuable. We incorporate 21st Century entrepreneurial skills alongside social-emotional learning and rigorous academics, even when online. Our middle school students are prepared for success in high school, college, career, and beyond!

About Ivy Academia

It is the mission of Ivy Academia, a TK-12 tuition-free public charter school, to help each child reach his/her fullest potential. We cultivate an active village of students, parents, and community members to provide an individual, personal, and conceptual learning environment that enables each student to succeed in life. Create and innovate with Ivy Academia! Enroll now!

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