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California State Legislature: February 2020 Update

Branché Jones

February 28, 2020


California Legislature UpdateCalifornia State Legislature: February 2020 Update

Friday, February 21st was the last day to introduce bills in the California State Legislature. The State Assembly saw over 1,500 measures introduced this year while the State Senate had over 700. These measures will now begin to have hearings scheduled in legislative policy committees. If they are passed out of the policy committee and have a fiscal impact then they will head to the Appropriations Committee.

Unlike last year, there has not been a lot of bills introduced that impact charter schools. Clearly, members of the Legislature and the administration believe that charter schools will have a tough enough time implementing SB 126, AB 1505 and AB 1507 from last year.

This year, only two bills have been introduced that are charter school-specific: SB 1423 which makes some changes to the Charter School Facility Grant Program and SB 1449 which is a charter school spot bill.

A spot bill is a measure that has not been fully amended yet but states that the intention of the bill is to change the charter school law in some manner. There are a plethora of bills that will be heard this year and I am attaching a matrix that will list a number of them, by bill number, and contains a short description of each bill’s contents.

As the year moves along and bills are amended and changed in the California State Legislature, we will keep you updated as to the measures that may impact charter schools.

Click to download the detailed list of bills here: 2020 California Legislature Bill List

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