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California Legislature Passes Budget and Education Trailer Bills

Branché Jones

June 18, 2017


The California Legislature has passed the budget and education trailer bill on to the Governor Brown fulfilling their constitutional mandate to pass it by June 15th. Similar to the past several years, the education community will see robust funding and one-time dollars that can be spent to augment their programs. Now that the measures are on his desk, the Governor will have 30 days to sign or veto them.
The budget was passing along without much fanfare until SB 96 was presented in the State Assembly. Though it is a trailer bill, the measure contains provisions that could make the ongoing recall of Senator Josh Newman of Orange County harder to complete by changing the statutes that govern the state’s recall process. After voting for the transportation tax Senator Newman was targeted by his opponents who began the recall process in his district. SB 96 would alter the process while the recall is ongoing. Though it is has nothing to do with educational policy it makes for great Capitol intrigue.
Much of the funding and policy changes for California’s educational process are contained in the education trailer bill. Below are some of the major highlights:

  • Provides $1.362 billion for continued implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula to LEAs and charter schools.
  • Provides $876.6 million in discretionary one-time dollars to LEAs on a per ADA basis.
  • Increases the maximum charter school grant under the Charter School Facilities Grant Program (SB 740) from $750 per ADA our up to 75 percent of a school’s annual rent and lease costs to $1,117 per ADA or up to 75 percent of its annual rent and lease costs. The bill also applies a cost-of-living adjustments for future years.
  • Replaces the authority for the Superintendent of Public Instruction to assign the CCEE to assist a charter school, with authority for the CCEE to assist the school after consulting with the Superintendent.
  • Provides $25 million in one-time dollars to the CTC to fund a second cohort of the California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program.
  • Provides $10 million in one-time dollars to allocate to school districts impacted by refugees.
  • Extends the District of Choice program, with some limitations, through 2022-2023.
  • Extends the date that LEAs can encumber funds received under Proposition 39 for clean energy projects by one year, until June 30, 2019.
  • Provides $7 million in ongoing dollars to county offices of education to fund their work on LCAPs.
  • Updates the standard reimbursement rate and the regional market rate to increase funding for child care providers.
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