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California Legislative New Update: Conflict of Interest Legislation on the Governor’s Desk

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March 1, 2019



California Charter School LegislationCalifornia Legislative New Update: Conflict of Interest Legislation on the Governor’s Desk

Here’s your latest California legislative update! We try to do our best to make sure you have the most up-to-date information on what pieces of California legislation may affect charter schools.
SB 126 (charter school conflict of interest provisions) has passed the legislature and is heading to the Governor for his signature. The Governor had promised that he would implement conflict of interest standards on charter schools during his campaign and he is keeping that promise.
The measure was fast-tracked through the legislature and sent to the Governor in two weeks. The measure would apply Government Code 1090, the Brown Act, Public Records Act, and the Political Reform Act to charter schools and entities managing charter schools.
To view the bill go to and put in the bill number.

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