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CA Voters Favor School Bond and Tax Extensions

Branché Jones

April 27, 2016


California signAs the year progresses the education community, including charter school leaders, in California is coming face-to-face with two propositions that will appear on the November ballot. Construction and business leaders are pushing a $9 billion school bond while the teachers union is championing a measure to continue the Proposition 30 tax increases that Governor Jerry Brown sponsored several years ago. Several weeks ago the fear was that if both measures appeared on the ballot it could hurt either effort to attract votes but now it appears that voters favor passage of both measures.
The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a recent survey which showed support for the two initiatives.  PPIC tested other subjects as well, including knowledge of the Governor’s Local Control Funding Formula, the Governor’s job approval and other K-12 areas. Below, are some key findings of the survey:

  • Although state spending on schools has increased, 61 percent of adults and 60 percent of likely voters say the current level of funding is not enough.
  • 64 percent of adults and 62 percent of likely voters favor extending Prop 30 tax increases for 12 years for those making over $250,000 a year to fund education and health care.
  • 76 percent of adults and 63 percent of likely voters would vote yes for a state school facilities bond.
  • For parcel taxes, less than the two-thirds (62 percent) of likely voters (needs two-thirds vote) would support, and only 52 percent or likely voters would support lowering the two thirds majority threshold.
  • 76 percent of adults say state government should fund voluntary preschool programs in CA, and 63 percent of adults would support using the surplus for preschool, while only 34 percent would prefer to pay down the state debt and build up a reserve.

To see the full results of the poll go to PPIC’s website at
Though the election is months away this poll gives a boost to the education community who has shown strong support for the school bond measure (which includes $500 million for California charter schools) and could see overall charter school funding reduced if the Proposition 30 taxes are not extended.

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