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Board Governance 101

Charter School Capital

June 3, 2019


Webinar: Board Governance 101

If you missed this information-packed webinar, now you can watch it when it’s convenient for you!
For this presentation, we were honored to be joined by Board Governance experts, BoardOnTrack. Our Ryan Eldridge, Charter School Advisor, sat down with Mike Mizzoni, Director of Leadership and Governance Training at BoardOnTrack to provide top-level tips on developing and managing your Board of Directors.
For your school to reach its goals, meet its mission, and be set up for success, you need to build a well-structured, well-staffed, and well-trained Board of Directors. In this important webinar, our partners and industry experts on Board Governance, BoardOnTrack, share their expertise on the ins and outs of recruiting, building, and managing your governance team as you grow.
Watch the video below to learn:

  • Board basics: Who should be on your governance team and what should they do?
  • How to build a strong board: Strategically recruiting for diversity and skills

Tips to govern for growth: How to face challenges and changes at any stage


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