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AZ Charter School Business Summit

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November 20, 2017


The Arizona Charter School Business Summit has come to a close for 2017, but it’s easy to see how the impact of the event will ripple throughout the year.
The event hosted a number of incredible workshops diving into challenges and solutions specific to Arizona charter schools, but the main conference day was kicked off with a passionate opening keynote by Colin Seale.  Learning about his background and how he overcame childhood obstacles to become a math teacher, get his law degree, and work with youth in the juvenile was absolutely remarkable. However his message on critical thinking was even more impactful. Because charter schools are all so unique, he challenged all charter leaders to think differently when it comes to education. As technology changes, so will the type of careers our kids will have to choose from, and as such, critical thinking skills will be even more important moving forward for your youth’s success.
One of my personal highlights was having the opportunity to represent Charter School Capital in a presentation on “Best Practices for Charter School Expansion” with Megan Olson, the co-founder of Odyssey Preparatory Academy Family of Schools. The presentation went through the different stages of growth and Megan was able to dive deeper into common misconceptions, challenges, and best practices using her broad set of experiences as the framework. You can access the slides from that presentation here.
I had the pleasure of meeting with a variety of charter leaders to discuss facility needs, working capital issues, and even the Title 1 issues that continue to linger for our schools. It was also great to see familiar vendors and even many new ones that are in support of the charter movement here in Arizona.
All in all, this year’s Arizona Charter School Business Summit was great. I’m looking forward to working with you all throughout the year and can’t wait for next year’s incredible conference.

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