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Anti-Charter School Bill Advances

Branché Jones

April 22, 2015


Charter School Facilities FinancingOn April 8th the Assembly Education Committee voted to pass AB 787 on a party line vote.
Assemblywoman Shirley Weber was the only Democrat to vote against the bill.
The anti-charter bill requires the charter school authorizer to appoint a majority of the charter school’s board members. AB 787 would effectively gut the entire charter school law by removing any autonomy that the charter school has. Charter schools would all become dependent of their authorizer and would no longer be schools of choice.
A host of groups and individuals lined up to oppose the bill while the entire labor community supported it. Assemblywoman Weber made an impassioned speech against the bill and brought up several good points while describing her opposition to it.
The measure now moves forward to the Assembly Appropriations Committee where it faces an uncertain fate because of the costs to have authorizers implement the policy.
Last year AB 1531, a similar bill, was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee because of its costs.

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