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Announcing the 2022 Dewey Awards

Grow Schools

September 8, 2022


The Teachers Who Changed Our Lives

Mr. Dewey was the 3rd grade teacher of Stuart Ellis, CSC’s founder, and CEO. Mr. Dewey was an exceptional teacher—he encouraged his students to think outside the box, and made his students feel that they had limitless potential. He worked hard to ensure each of his students felt loved, cared for, and special. He was one of those unforgettable teachers—teachers who change the very course of life.  

In memory of Richard Dewey, we’re asking you to call on your inspiration to tell your story: is there a teacher who helped you get where you are today? Maybe they taught you something you’ve never forgotten or helped you understand something for the first time. Maybe they were your ally during a difficult time and showed that they cared about you as a person. Maybe you’ve never had the chance to put into words or video how you feel about this person—the extent of your gratitude, or the depth of their contribution to your life’s path. Now is your chance to do just that. 

By sharing the story of your change-making teacher, you’ll have the chance to be granted $1,000 to be given in that teacher’s name to the charter school of your choice.  

  • Submissions are open to students, parents, teachers, and school supporters  
  • Stories can be submitted in writing (300 words or more) or video (1-10 minutes in length) 
  • Submissions are invited between September 14th  – October 28th 
  • Grant winners will be announced on November 16th


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