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7 Things to Know About Facilities Financing

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March 12, 2018


facilities financing

7 Things to Know About Facilities Financing


1- Facilities access is an obstacle to growth

One of the biggest challenges charter leaders face today is access to suitable and affordable facilities. With more than 3 million students enrolled in nearly 7,000 charter schools, many still have suboptimal facilities that hinder their growth. More than 1 million students remain on charter wait lists. With more facilities financing options, charters can expand their enrollment allowing more children to attend their local charter school.

2- Facilities financing volume

3- Facility strategy

  • Ownership is an investment
  • Control is critical to maintaining stability or growth
  • Evaluate true all-in costs, not headline rates
  • Cost is not just money, but time and opportunity
  • Consider flexibility to address long-term needs

4- Realistic Budget


5- Funding Comparison


6- Key Considerations

  • Plan ahead
  • Watch the market
  • Line up internal
  • Prepare for the deal


7- We’re Charter School Specialists

  • Specialty finance company 100% dedicated to empowering charter growth
  • Began funding charter schools in 2007
  • More than $1.5 billion of funding provided to date
  • $500 million facilities fund specifically for charters
  • 0% loss rate
  • Relationships with 550+ charter schools serving 650,000+ students nationwide


Does finding that perfect facility for your school seem like a huge, complex undertaking? Well, you’re not alone…it’s the greatest challenge faced by charter schools across the country. We understand that most charter school leaders aren’t financial or real estate experts, and for a good reason—you’re focused 100% on educating children. And, you want the best for them. Planning and financing any facility project is complex, time-consuming, and has the potential to distract your team from its core mission: serving your students.
This manual covers our perspectives on the charter school facilities financing landscape market and provides practical and actionable advice on planning and realistically balancing your team’s facility dreams with budget realities. We also cover the four primary funding structures that charter schools use to finance facilities: cash, banks, bonds, and long-term leases. Download this free guide to get all of your facilities questions answered!
In it, you’ll get straightforward, actionable advice on:

  • Facilities planning
  • Financing options
  • Getting approved
  • Choosing a partner
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