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The 5 Essential Steps to Facilities Planning

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March 7, 2018



The 5 Essential Steps to Charter School Facilities Planning

Charter school facilities planning can be daunting. If you think that finding the perfect facility for your charter school seems like a huge, complicated undertaking, you’re in good company. Across the U.S., facilities are, by far, the greatest challenge faced by charter schools. The planning and financing of any facility project is complex, time-consuming, and has the potential to distract your team from its core mission: serving your students.
Last month, we shared our new manual, The Ultimate Guide to Charter School Facility Financing … and we just couldn’t stop there!  We thought it was important to not only provide helpful information on charter school facility financing, but also create a practical resource for charter school facility planning as well. This handy, information-packed new checklist, The 5 Essential Steps to Facilities Planning, will help guide you as you move towards realizing your facility expansion or relocation goals.

Charter School Facilities PlanningIn it, we cover these five essential charter school facility planning steps—in detail:

  1. Plan – Begin planning at least one year in advance
  2. Fund – Understand your options to make savvy decisions
  3. Acquire – You know what you can afford and how you’ll pay for it … now go get it
  4. Design – Partner with experts to design your new space
  5. Execute – Let the construction begin and get ready to move in

We’re honored to be able to support you and will continue to work hard to develop content that will help your school achieve its goals. Because we are 100% dedicated to charter schools and charter leaders, we pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs … We welcome your ideas and comments as you review our information – what would you like to see? Feel free to share your thoughts here or contact us to learn more about how we can help you. #welovecharterschools

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