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3 Tips for Data-Driven Enrollment Marketing

Ashley MacQuarrie

January 23, 2024

3 Tips For Data Driven Enrollment Marketing

Search data show that families start looking for schools between January and April. This marks a critical time for you to showcase your school—and ensure your content and ads are getting in front of families. This foresight avoids last-minute scrambling as the enrollment season approaches in June, July, and August.

Here are some data-driven strategies you can use to ensure you meet next year’s enrollment goals:

Tip 1: Use social media strategically.

Maintaining an active presence on your social channels is essential, whether your audience engages with you on Facebook, Instagram, or X (Twitter). Leveraging these platforms helps in community building and plays a vital role in your targeted online campaigns. Tailor your posts to current events, sports, and other school events. Aligning your content with the community’s interests fosters a sense of stability and positivity.

Tip 2: Watch key metrics so you know what to improve.

Social media engagement, website traffic sources, top-performing posts, and conversion rates are great metrics to watch. As for what to watch, you’ll want to consider your goals. For example, if your goal is to build and maintain an online community, post engagement, and blog traffic are great metrics to track. For enrollment increases, you’ll want to keep an eye on lead conversions—or how many people are filling out a form on your site after viewing a piece of content.

Tip 3: Use Google Analytics.

By setting up and monitoring Google Analytics, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of website traffic, user behavior, and the effectiveness of your marketing channels. Metrics such as page views and new user browsing can help you understand who is spending time on your website; you can utilize these insights to refine your strategies.

By using these strategies, you’ll set your school up for success in the competitive landscape of enrollment marketing. For support, browse the free resources below or reach out about an enrollment marketing partnership.

Ashley MacQuarrie joined Tuesday Tips to give tips on social media, data-driven decision-making, and the importance of early planning. Watch the video here: Tuesday Tips: Data-Driven Enrollment Marketing – Grow Schools

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