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2022 National Charter Schools Conference Survey Results

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June 30, 2022

2022 National Charter Schools Conference Survey Results

This year’s National Charter Schools Conference was an amazing event to be a part of. It was extra special to be back in person for the first time in two years. We love connecting with school leaders because it allows us to listen to what’s on their hearts and minds. We got to listen to the stories of charter leaders from all across the nation, and in an effort to learn how to best serve them, we asked:  

“What is the biggest challenge that your charter school is facing?”  

 Of course, being an educational leader is a challenging job under the best of circumstances, and the last two school years have been anything but. We asked this same question back in 2019, and responses have shifted in 2022.  

Here’s how the 2022 answers compare to two years ago: 
  • The top three concerns remained consistent—enrollment, teacher retention, and finding a forever home.  
  • In 2019, enrollment was the highest-ranking concern. But in 2022, the top concern changed—one quarter of leaders stated that retaining teachers was their most pressing issue.  
Blog Featured image 2022 NCSC Survey Results 2019
Blog Featured image 2022 NCSC Survey Results

You can see the distribution of responses in the pie charts below. What’s clear is that the top concerns are still strong, but the need to support quality educators has become more urgent. Of significant concern both years was finding and managing a reliable flow of money.

Because we’re dedicated to helping charter schools thrive, we take these concerns to heart. Here we’ll address the way CSC can partner with you to address 2022’s Top Three Concerns:
Teacher Retention 

As schools support their teachers this year, we’re here to support you. Quality educators are the bedrock of your school, and with access to reliable funding through CSC, charter school leaders can ensure on-time paychecks for teachers, improve learning spaces, and maintain healthy and fully supplied classrooms. If you’re searching for new teachers to join your school, a strong online presence through CSC’s Enrollment Marketing can help connect with educators who share your school’s values.  

Filling Classrooms 

Enrollment is always on the minds of charter leaders, but especially at a moment like this when many schools face lower student counts. CSC’s enrollment marketing can help your school build a presence online, improving search-ability when families look for you. We can also help design brochures, flyers, and pamphlets to establish your place in the community offline. You’ll reach more students and welcome them into your classrooms—find out more about your options for Enrollment Marketing here 

Finding A Forever Home 

It’s no wonder this is a top concern for charter school leaders: they know a forever home is paramount for programs and students to thrive. As the educational landscape shifts, your place of learning can remain steadfast when working with CSC. Whether leasing a building from us or through our unique path to ownership, we’re here to help you put your roots down. You can find more information about CSC’s Facilities Financing here. 

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As charter school leaders, you’ve persevered through these last two years because of your unwavering dedication to helping students flourish. We’re honored to have partnered with so many schools during the past two years, helping them get through the difficult times. As we move forward, we’re dedicated to helping you get where you’re going. 

We’re grateful for the relationships we forged at the NCSC Conference and we’re excited to be on this journey with you! If you missed us as the conference, let’s connect.  

Reach out and let us know: what’s your biggest concern for your school? We’d love to hear your story. 

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