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Create a Funding Model for Success

Cinnamon Harrington

June 2, 2020


Learn how schools mitigated the last fiscal downturn and how to create a funding model for the coming school year.

Budget cuts and deferrals are coming, and it’s time for us to address them in the 2020-21 budget. We all know that expense cuts alone likely will not solve these shortfalls. Cutting programs and teachers could cut the heart and soul out of your schools. Charter schools have shown up well during this crisis, and now isn’t the time to take a step back.

In this webinar, we discuss how might we turn this time into a unique opportunity for charter schools to thrive, what deferrals looked like during the Great Recession, the different tracks charter schools can take in getting through deferrals and cuts, and how to access a funding model to survive and thrive.

You’ll find the webinar recording and slides embedded below!