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2022 Dewey Awards – Last Chance

Charter School Capital

October 24, 2022


Last chance to enter to win a grant for your school!  

The end of this week marks the close of the 2022 Dewey Awards—but there’s still time to submit your story of a life-changing teacher! Whether a current teacher, a colleague, or a teacher from many years ago, we want to hear the ways your teachers made a difference for you. Our review board is looking forward to reading your stories and watching your videos—be sure to submit your story by Friday, October 28th! 

You could be one of three winners who will be awarded a $1,000 grant to be given to their charter school of choice.  

The 2022 Dewey Awards are open to students, parents, teachers, and school supporters.  

  • Written stories (300 words or more)  
  • Video stories (1-10 minutes in length) 
  • Winners will be announced November 16th 

We can’t wait to hear your stories! 

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